SAUDI INVESTMENT GROUP was one such company within the BAB Holdings portfolio. SAUDI INVESTMENT GROUP operated as a private client retail investment advisory business for the market between top tier private banks and retail financial planning businesses for expatriate or offshore and expat clients living worldwide and had achieved year on year growth in both the number of clients and whilst building intrinsic value for its shareholders.

SAUDI INVESTMENT GROUP served clients based in the GCC, US, Europe, Far East, Asia and Africa.



BAB Hldings & SAUDI INVESTMENT GROUP have a diversified sector focus ranging from Healthcare (which in the past had represented and will continue to represent the largest single segment of BAB Holding’s investment portfolio)
  • Real Estate (residential & commercial)
  • Sports
  • Marine International Services
  • Naval Services & Maritime Administration
  • Agriculture
  • Renewable Energy
  • Financial Services
  • Commodities (mainly in physical trading)
  • Mines & Minerals
Other opportunities, which address continuing persistent societal needs or wants
But more than anything else, BAB Holdings invests in management.




SAUDI INVESTMENT GROUP has invested extensive resources to create both our own bond and fund platforms, which allows flexibility when creating bespoke investments for clients or other divisions of the BAB Group.

SIG also has the experience, resources and capabilities to tailor investments for specific clients of other divisions of the BAB HOLDING either as debt instruments (i.e bonds) or fund type structures dependent upon the client’s, or our own requirements and the underlying asset class, investment time-frame, investment goals and any regulatory requirements.

SIG also has the ability to create bespoke and private equity investment products as ‘direct cash’ investments and/or in compliance with regulatory requirements, trustee requirements, pension or life insurance ‘wrapper’ requirements and/or custodian requirements.