SAUDI INVESTMENT GROUP (SIG) co-invests and provides business advices to medium sized enterprises, corporations a well as to partnerships, institutions, entrepreneurial individuals, autonomous
wealth trusts and to governmental / semi-governmental organizations,
by utilizing the globally accepted PPP methodologies

SIG develops international projects –focused in the Emerging & Frontier markets – in the industries of:

  • Aviation & Aerospace;
  • Maritime & Marine Services;
  • Defense Systems;
  • Tourism, Hospitality & Entertainment
  • Real Estate & Housing (affordable and social);
  • Financial Services & Special interest zones (formulation of legislation framework and compliance strategies);
  • Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency & Utility projects;
  • Healthcare & Life Sciences;
  • Education;
  • Logistics;
  • Mines & Minerals;

Critical Infrastructure (including Ports, Airports, Roads/Toll-Roads, Grids, Water & Sewage, Railways; Telecoms);


SAUDI INVESTMENT GROUP (SIG) follows a vertically integrated strategy,
which allows it to co-invest, develop and manage alongside with investors, corporations and the public sector in landmark projects in the Emerging & Frontier markets.

SIG’s team leverages its relationships to identify and source project development opportunities.
It evaluates project risks and implement risk mitigation strategies.

SIG’s team deploys capital at IRR reflecting project risk and then it actively manage the overall project.
SIG holds its participation in the projects for duration or realize value through exit.

At SAUDI INVESTMENT GROUP, acting responsibly toward our stakeholders, our communities and those in need is fundamental to our culture and our business.

We believe that investing in sustainable infrastructure and real estate projects is responsible on multiple levels; to the environment and, also, to our partners and communities.

Energy efficiency is critical for our natural environment and, also, reduces energy and lifecycle costs with projects and developments, saving our users and tenants, government partners and operators money.

We are proud to develop and manage real estate and infrastructure projects that are offering sustainable, environmentally-friendly & technologically-advanced solutions.

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