BAB’s principals believe that attractive opportunities are found not by slavishly following the latest fashions in investing, but rather by solid due diligence and attention to fundamentals.

BAB’s Investment Criteria

BAB Holdings looks for high-caliber teams with industry experience and a demonstrated ability to deliver results. Management must have meaningful financial stakes in the success of the company. If a management team needs to be supplemented but is otherwise strong, We will assist in identifying and recruiting additional management talent.

Competitive Advantage

BAB Holdings looks for proprietary advantages or discontinuities that can be exploited for financial gain. They may consist of unique intellectual property, dominant product lines, valuable commercial relationships, or technological advantages and a proven business model with above average growth opportunities.

Attractive Exit

Close attention is paid to the way in which BAB Holdings can realize a gain on each transaction. Each portfolio company has its own particular situation and circumstances, and examines likely exit possibilities before investing.



Real Estate


Marine Services & Oil Trading



Renewable Energy

Financial Services

Commodities (mainly in physical trading)

Food & Beverages


Mines & Minerals

Other opportunities, which address continuing persistent societal needs or wants
But more than anything else, BAB Holdings invests in management.

Size, Stage and Sector